One Step at a Time in the Job Search

Serendipity Staffing Solutions      Let’s start with “Who Am I?”

If the job seeker can answer that question easily, then the rest of what to do, comes easily. It is often the hardest thing to do in a job quest, or anything else in life.

Answering this question cannot be answered by a recitation of job roles. Job roles are what a person did in a job; the tasks performed.

The “Who Am I?” question has to be answered by an analysis from the job seeker, of just who the person is. Is the job searcher riddled by anxiety? Then, it is wise to admit that being anxious is a part of the personality makeup. We are to assume that it does not interfere with performing a job. Is the job seeker optimistic? Then that part of the personality can be emphasized in the job seeker and let that QUALITY be a part of the what the job seeker offers in a job.

Any personality trait, from pessimistic or optimistic, cannot be hidden away for long. So, answering the “Who Am I?” question is to be dealt with honestly and PRECISELY. Without knowing oneself well, the rest of the job search is just an empty exercise. Employers look for “whole people” who often have quirks, possess good qualities, that are honest, capable, and able to do all of the tasks the job entails. “Whole” job seekers have a less stressful time looking for a job! They tend to be always impressive and who many employers are looking for!

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