A Cover Letter Tip Guaranteed To Land You More Job Interviews!

Searching for a new job?

I am about to reveal one of the most powerful cover letter tips you’ll ever discover. This little-known secret can dramatically increase your job interview requests all by itself. While many debate whether a cover letter is necessary or not, if you do decide to use one this little-known secret may be of help.

Here’s a ‘not-so-subtle’ hint for you:
P.S. — This tip works like a charm and commands the attention of every reader!

Did you catch that hint? It’s true, by adding a simple P.S. — or Post Script — after your signature, at the bottom of your cover letter you can literally grab the undivided attention of any person reading it. And, if your P.S. is a brief, direct and clearly-worded request for the opportunity to be interviewed, you will land more job interviews than the vast majority of your competition.

Why does the P.S. work so perfectly with a cover letter?

Advertisers and marketers have been using the P.S. to sell various widgets successfully for decades. In fact, it is one of the most powerful sales strategies of all time. The general public has literally been ‘trained’ by these highly-skilled marketers to read any P.S. they see at the end of a letter. Many times consumers shoot straight to the end of the letter to read the P.S. first! I’ll bet you’ve done this yourself on more than one occasion.

Use the P.S. to clearly and directly ASK for the job interview providing your contact number as well.

This is a fresh way to appeal to employers and can tip the balance in your favor towards landing the all-important job interview. The P.S. lets a busy Hiring Manager cut right to the chase by reading this one special sentence. A job-seeker who uses a P.S. in his or her cover letter is utilizing one of the strongest marketing strategies known to man.

This cover letter tip can be the difference-maker in your job search. Remember, it all starts with getting your foot in the company door and a well crafted P.S. will get noticed and read above all other sentences. So make sure yours packs an interview-landing punch!

P.S. — Your job search is all about results. Try this one cool, cover letter strategy for yourself and see how many job interviews you land!

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