Ready, Set, Go-Get a Job!

Ready, Set, Go-Get Job Goals

What does it take to set a job goal? First, is knowing what you want, job seeker!

If you’re willing to take anything, that is not a goal. It’s a desire, maybe, to NOT think or act upon job goals. Taking any job, too, often is a response made out of desperation. Sometimes, you, job seeker, don’t want to take the time necessary to find out what true values or interests you possess. That can be a result of laziness, fear or plain old procrastination. And, there is not a life manual somewhere that will tell any job seeker who THEY REALLY ARE!

Finding out who the true you is, is often a lifetime goal. That’s a good start to find a life, out or inside of work. Maybe work is, after all, the continued meaning of life. Job seeker, it is up to you to define a life with passion, dedication and goals.

Now, what about my current job goal? It is still the same old story as the song said to find out what you want, who you want to work with, what you want to do, what skills you have and linking all of that up with an employer.

If it helps, set a job goal for one day, increase it up to two weeks, and on and on. Is that what will get you to take action? And, are you ready? Are you “set” to make your priorities in looking for a job, real? Are you just daydreaming, hooked into fear that no one will hire you or taking the lazy route?

There is ALWAYS a job out there for ANY job seeker! Sometimes luck plays a part. Often, though it is because of great preparation in truly finding work.

Which one are you, job searcher? Are you really ready, are you intent upon putting action into finding a good job?

You can be ready, set, and going for that good job you need and want. Just like a long distance runner, use these tools to get you out and in the race, your own job race! Ready, set, go!

Let’s work together to make success happen!

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